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Drechsel Studio

Drechsel Studio is known for its prowess blending residential and commercial functionality with hybrid furniture and lighting from such stalwart European manufacturers as Verpan, Arco, Asplund and Fredericia. Also remarkable are Sancal’s lozenge- and macaroon-shaped cushions, Friends & Founders’ circular iron clothes hangers and Woud’s conical Annular Pendant (designed by local firm MSDS) with a glowing ring of light around the perimeter. From Verpan, Welle is a low, undulating seating landscape, with six different mix-and-match units, that provides infinite ways for office workers – or children – to lounge.

Manufacturers: Arco, Gärsnäs, Nanimarquina

Drechsel Studio

150 King St E
Toronto, ON M5A 1J3


King East


416 740 7226

Monday by appt only