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5 New Condos On the Up and Up

How the latest wave of community-minded developments are transforming the condo tower into an intimate vertical village

By Eric Mutrie

Meet the architects, developers, interior designers and landscape firms raising the condo market to new heights.

Click on the name of any of the projects below to read more about what makes the development distinctive and hear from the team involved.

DL-0616-Condos-Monde-thumbnail The Lake House: Monde
Great Gulf’s Monde is surrounded by nature: it’s rising next to lush public plaza Sherbourne Commons and looks out onto Lake Ontario. So it’s no surprise that the project delivers great outdoor spaces – for both residents and the public.

DL-0616-Condos-RC3-thumbnailThe Jagged Gem: RC3
The latest chapter in Urban Capital’s River City development carries on the angular, geode-esque style of phases one and two. The biggest distinction here: the building’s height.

DL-0616-Condos-Eglinton-thumbnailThe Parental Pad: The Eglinton
Break out the baby rattles. Young uptown families moving into Menke’s fritted-glass tower are sure to appreciate its amenities, which include an indoor play space for tots plus a well-stocked party room for the grown-ups.

DL-0616-Condos-Form-thumbnailThe Good Neighbour: Form
Located down the street from Gehry’s AGO and Alsop’s OCAD U, Tridel’s Form doesn’t try to steal the spotlight from its eccentric neighbours. That said, the sophisticated 14-storey tower still has its artistic touches.

DL-0616-Condos-HillandDale-thumbnailThe Handsome Denizen: Hill and Dale
Old Stonehenge and Clifton Blake Group’s Hill and Dale is a true mixed-use development, combining shopping, living and office space in a sharp six-storey that suits the scale of the community.

Originally published in Issue 3 2016 as On the Up and Up.

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