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Stereo Tech with Serious Stage Presence

This season’s headliners include top-performing speakers and one sensational turntable

By Eric Mutrie

Ace of Base
Sonos engineered its jack-of-all-trades Playbase bar to deliver full-theatre sound during action movies and concert-hall clarity when streaming hits. Slot it underneath your television – it supports up to 35 kilograms. $900, at Great Metropolitan Sound

Standing Ovation
Bowers & Wilkins’ CM9 S2 incorporates custom tweeter tech to minimize distortion and ensure precise sound. Choose from gloss black, satin white or rosenut casings, each with a playful yellow top cone. $4000 for two, at Bay Bloor Radio

Singing in the Rain
With a waterproof shell and 10-hour battery life, the Wonderboom by Ultimate Ears is ready to travel from beach day to barbecue. Pair the 9.5-centimetre-wide speaker with a second unit when it comes time to turn up the volume. $130, at Indigo, 55 Bloor St W

Resembling a futuristic space station, Bang & Olufsen’s high-gloss aluminum BeoLab 5 speaker delivers out-of-this-world sound thanks to Acoustic Lens Technology that spreads audio out across 180 degrees. $37,000 for two, at Bang & Olufsen

Fresh Spin
The audio gurus at Kuzma remixed the typical turntable design by forgoing a flat plate in favour of vibration-reducing brass rods. A translucent acrylic cover turns the unit into a distinctive sonic sculpture when not in use. $2500, at Planet of Sound

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