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Skadis, Ikea’s Real Life Pinterest Board

Many moons and hundreds of pins later, Ikea’s super popular Skådis pegboard is finally available in Canada

By Designlines

Meet Skadis, the Swedish pegboard every room in your house needs. What makes it different from your average pegboard, you ask? At first glance, not much. Hear us out, though, because Ikea Canada’s latest rollout is more than just a piece of fibreboard with holes in it.

Skadis Ikea Pegboard Canada
Beauty accessories sit pretty in open compartments. Image courtesy of Ikea.

It’s actually a handy system of doodads designed to bring order to your home. The pegboard comes in either square or rectangular formats, and in a choice of colours: unfinished fibreboard (hello, workroom chic) or neutral white. A range of accessories, some offered as a package, adapt to any space. In the picture above, all your bathroom sink clutter – make-up brushes, toothpaste and eau de toilette bottles – are contained.

Skadis Ikea Pegboard Canada
Perfectly ordered home offices are real. Image courtesy of Ikea.

In a home office, Skadis’ hardware attaches directly to your desktop, allowing you to use it as a space divider in some configurations. Another option is to hang in on the wall above your workspace for quick access to bits and bobs. A series of containers and hooks make it easy to store anything from pencils to rolled up posters.

Skadis in action as bathroom vanity and kitchen spice rack. Add-ons include grey and white-coloured containers. Image courtesy of Ikea.

We like it in the kitchen, where transparent containers make it easy to see and use up dried herbs and spices. It also lends itself to kitchens with open shelving in place of traditional cabinetry, a new trend in interior design. Imported from Europe, open shelving systems work well in small spaces like downtown condos or apartments.

So, what makes this real life Pinterest board so popular? Skadis, like other Ikea classics, is easy to hack.

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