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Patio-Perfect Coffee & Side Tables

Gather ‘round folks because we’ve assembled the best coffee and side tables this city has to offer. This stockpile includes the cute and compact, the flashy and full-figured, and the oh-so important multi-functioners

By Tory Healy

Above left: Hay’s geometric offering, with its origami-inspired hexagonal base, is an excellent coffee table option for a small patio, or the perfect side piece to a large outdoor sofa. Made of powder-coated metal, it comes in three finishes. Slit, from $325, at Urban Mode.

Above right: As you’d expect from a Javier Mariscal design, these polyethylene tables – available in two colours and various shapes – are personality-packed. A cut-out in the surface encourages further character-building in the form of a mini garden. Moma by Vondom, at 18 Watt. Call for pricing.

Above left: Designer Stephen Burks has an uncanny knack for combining sophisticated forms with remarkable colour and craftmanship. This woven footstool converts to coffee table with the addition of a tempered glass top. Ahnda by Dedon, at Studio b. Call for pricing.

Above right: Inspired by Queen Anne’s lace, this table’s spider-legged aluminum base is topped with eight petals. Choose from three sizes and two surface materials: teak or white polyurethane. Petal by Knoll, at Hollace Cluny. Call for pricing.

Above left: Marc Krusin’s tables includes side, coffee and bar-height versions all available in a slew of fun lacquered colours. Topped with tempered glass and made of rigid polyurethane, these ones came to party. Mini Clay by Desalto, at Suite 22 Interiors. Call for pricing.

Above right: And how’s this for colour? Cedric Dequidt’s airy coffee table is topped with tempered glass and grounded by a rainbow of lacquered stainless steel tubes – a festive addition to any outdoor space. Ferre, by Roche Bobois. Call for pricing.

Above left: Here’s one for the multi-tasker. Made of aluminum and available in black or white, a portion of this coffee table’s surface lifts to two heights, making it suitable for outdoor meals or a little at-home work. Chill-out by Strand+Hvass for Cane-line, at Jardin de Ville. Call for pricing.

Above right: Even hardcore urbanites will appreciate this hit of old school webbing. Inspired by the hydro lines of San Paulo, Francesco Sillitti’s glass and tube coffee table has a number of colourful weaves to choose from. DozeQuinze by Gandia Blasco, at Kiosk. Call for pricing.

Above left: Max out on outdoor decorating with these minimalist forms. Configure the powder-coated metal side tables by separating or nesting them, and playing with the thick and thin sides of the blue, rust and white stands. Cluster by Ferm Living, $890 for 3, at Gron & White.

Above right: Emmanuel Gallina has designed the perfect patio companion. Available in two heights to tuck in beside your armchair or sofa, this side table with textured top is just as happy balancing your snack, laptop or ­­elbow. Aikana by Fast, at Tusch. Call for pricing.

Above left: “Take me with you” begs this little side table. Made of lightweight metal and available in three lacquered finishes, this handle-topped model lets you do just that. It’s so versatile, we think it should have been named “Versey”. Jersey, $300, by BoConcept.

Above right: Create a hassle-free rock garden and places to sit and store at the same time. These weather-resistant, easy-to-lift boulder-shaped baddies do double duty and are available in three sizes and shades. Tall Stone Stools, $170, at Crate & Barrel. Call for in-store availability

Above left: What good is a light that leads nowhere or a furnishing you can’t find? And how great is a way-finding light that doubles as a side table and impromptu seat? This LED-lit, structurally-sound, concrete polymer unit does it all. Empty by Vibia, at Dark Tools. Call for pricing.

Above right: Lucky you! We found fun and function in one glorious product: a duck-shaped side-table that glows and is topped with a drink-toting tray. Made of polyethylene, it’s available in four colours. Theduck by Bonaldo, at Palazzetti and Suite 22 Interiors. Call for pricing.

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