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LeuWebb Projects Creates Squiggly Line Art for Wilson Station

These squiggly-wiggly installations are coming to Wilson station this summer

By Sara Cunningham

The exuberant public artwork Outside the Lines by LeuWebb Projects consists of 10 twisty installations at Wilson station. The squiggly, colourful lines wrap around corners, burst from the ground and even snake up a column – suggesting a multitude of possible trajectories to commuters. In fact, their nonlinear forms take cues from the exhilarating air shows once held at the nearby Downsview Airport.

Materially speaking, the powder-coated stainless steel tubular sculptures are inspired by the handrails found all over the TTC network. As with those way-finding devices, the creators hope passersby will touch, lean and sit on the pieces before rushing through the station.

The installation is part of the TTC’s wide-ranging public art program, which includes vibrant murals at Runnymede Station by local artist Elicser Elliot.

Originally published in our Small Spaces 2019 issue as Line Reading.

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