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16 Not So Cookie-Cutter Gift Ideas for Holiday Bakers

Our Holiday Gift Guide series continues with a list of swish baking accessories for the cookie maker in your life

Photography by Naomi Finlay
Styling by Alanna Davey

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Shown: New Logica system by Valcucine at Montauk Sofa

Nest Measuring Cups by Joseph Joseph, $17 at Neat
They say baking is a science. Leave nothing to chance with these colourful measuring spoons and cups.

Everyday Bowl by Ommo, $64 at Drake General Store
They named this the ‘everyday’ bowl because that’s how often you’ll want to mix cake batter in it.

3 Jil Bowls by Philippi, from $44 at Bergo
The flashy steel interior makes this bowl ideal for prep and presentation.

4 Strongman Nutcracker by Alessi, $1700 at Studio Brillantine
Freshly cracked chestnuts and walnuts are a must-have for the holidays.

Hand Mixer by KitchenAid, $90 at Hudson’s Bay
We believe beautiful kitchen appliances – especially in soft pastels – make baked goods taste better.

6 Pieni Unikko Oven Mitt by Marimekko, $25 at EQ3
Gift a handful of Finnish design to your baker-in-residence with this mitt.

7 Fauve Coaster Set by Xenia Taler, $40/4 at Spruce
Rad patterns and tropical colours make these the perfect coasters for festive drinks.

8 Crinkle Bowl, $10 at CB2
These bowls immortalize the overlooked design of the paper muffin cup.

9 Beech Spoon, $20 at Spruce
A beech wood handle makes the perfect mixing spoon for trendy bakers.

10 Twist 2-in-1 Whisk by Joseph Joseph, $17 at Neat
Whip up the fluffiest batters or stiffest peaks with this ingenious whisk that twists into two shapes.

11 Utensil Holder by Ommo, $64 (w/ 5 tools) at Drake General Store
Never give an incomplete gift: this utensil holder comes complete with handy tools.

12 Circus Jar by Alessi, $66 at Studio Brillantine
A fun vessel for all the homemade treats you’ll score after giving this to you honey.

13 Cha Cha Chas Pineapple Container by IMM, $88 at Bergo
Baking magic happens when pineapples come dressed as woodland creatures.

14 100% Trays by Blu Dot, $103/3 at Urban Mode
Holiday guests go to pieces for this modular tray that makes serving up cookies and treats easy.

15 Ombré Pepper Mill by Trudeau, $80 at Bergo
The ombré effect on this red pepper mill gives it a warm vintage feel.

16 Yukon Serving Board, $50 at EQ3
Give your presentation skills a boost with this Nordic-inspired serving board.

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