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2018 Toronto New Urbanism Film Festival

The Congress for the New Urbanism Ontario presents the 2018 Toronto New Urbanism Film Festival, taking place on June 21 at the Carlton Cinema.

Screening will include:

Theme 1: History of the High Rise

  1. Short History of High Rise –Part 1 Mud- The 2,500-year global history of vertical living and issues of social equality in an increasingly urbanized world.
  2. Short History of High Rise –Part 2 Concrete
  3. Short History of High Rise –Part 3 Glass
  4. One Millionth Tower -re-imagines a universal thread of our global urban fabric — the dilapidated highrise neighbourhood. This documentary is a concrete result of a community collaboration between residents, architects,documentariansand animators who re-imagine their vertical neighbourhood and the spaces around their highrises.

Theme 2: Toronto then and now

  1. City Limits-features acclaimed author and activist Jane Jacobs’ forthright, critical analysis of the problems and virtues of North American cities. Jacobs orients her fascinating observations around Toronto, to which she moved after leaving New York City because Toronto “is a city that still has options … it hasn’t made so many mistakes that it’s bound to go downhill.” Her remarks, made in 1971, are prescient yet earnest and will interest all urban stakeholders. This colourful city film, accompanied by an upbeat, jazzy soundtrack, is a must-see for all civic and community groups—indeed, for all urban dwellers worldwide.
  2. World in a City -This is a portrait of Toronto and the steps Torontonians are taking to create a society that welcomes and encourages new immigrants to flourish. Join photographer Colin Boyd Shafer as he celebrates diversity through this documentary to outline both the challenges facing growing urban areas and the bold solutions to these ongoing problems.

Theme 3: Citizenship Engagement

  1. Bike City, Great City- Trailer showing an uplifting ride through cities that are embracing cycling as a liberating, convenient and healthy way to get where you want to go.
  2. Roadsworth-Trailer showing a Montreal stencil artist’s clandestine campaign to make his mark on the city streets.

Visit the event website for more information.

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Carlton Cinema

20 Carlton St
Toronto, ON M5B 2H5


Jun 21