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Condo Watch: The Cubic Community

Why Dupont’s latest development is a true blockbuster


420 Dupont St.
Bathurst St & Dupont St
Completion: Spring 2021
From: Mid-$500,000s (56 square metres)


Tridel reimagines a stretch of the Annex with a nine-storey design that looks like a cross between the Mediterranean coast and the world’s largest Tetris game.


Teeple Architects’ stepped massing ensures large terraces with ample privacy. That means space for both a lounge set and a dining table. In tune with this commitment to outdoor space, the building’s concrete exterior is so white it could have been transplanted from a Greek island. Carved into the eastern corner and clad in a warm metallic finish, the entrance completes the glam resort look.


II by IV Design, a go-to for hospitality giants Marriott and Crystal Cruises, are handling the airy interior suites. And with Bellwoods Brewery moving its production facility to Dupont Street and galleries like Cooper Cole and Angell Gallery now calling the stretch home, it should be easy for buyers to source brewskis for the fridge and artwork for the walls.

Featured in our roundup of six up-and-coming Toronto condo developments.

Originally published in Issue 3, 2017 as Live Here: It Takes a Village.

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