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How to Save Time and Energy With The Latest Smart Tech

The latest sci-fi gizmos bring Jetsons-esque innovations to everyday spaces

By Eric Mutrie

Smoke Show
Sometimes where there’s smoke, there’s just burning bacon. That’s why the Nest Protect V2 can be silenced via a smartphone, which also reports alarm activity remotely. At night, a motion-sensing ring lights the way to the bathroom. $130, at Jump Plus

Illumination Station
Nanoleaf’s Ivy hub interfaces with Apple HomeKit and other automation services to allow smartphone or voice control of ultra-efficient LED bulbs. Program presets can change a room’s mood with just one touch. $135, at shop.nanoleaf.me

Open Sesame
Install August’s Smart Lock on the interior side of your deadbolt to let approved guests check in with their smartphones. Perfect for frequent hosts, the unit allows for short-term access that expires after a set period of time. $250, at Indigo

Blinded by Delights
Do away with cords in favour of PowerView Motorization by Hunter Douglas. Use a tablet to set blind positions, then schedule your window coverings to alternate between them. Call for pricing, at Night & Day Window Decor

Peep Freeze
The Samsung Family Hub’s in-fridge cam – which can be viewed on-the-fly via an app – is a godsend for cooks who can never remember what’s in their icebox. A touch panel syncs calendars, streams music and cues recipes. Call for pricing, at Appliance Canada

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