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5 Designs for a Rosy Romantic Loo

Soak in the glow of these bathroom fixtures and decor

By Eric Mutrie


Epoque by Antonio Lupi
Those prone to sipping rosé in the bathtub are sure to develop a crush on this soft pink soaker. Its delicate, sunset-esque shade belies its extreme heft – the tapered 460-kilogram beauty is chiselled from a single block of chalky Pietra Amazzone stone. Its curves create an alluring silhouette, while the basin’s wide rim provides a place to set that wine glass as you’re working through steamy romance novels. Call for pricing, at Ernestomeda


O Faucet by THG
For bling lovers whose hands are always decked in an array of splendid jewels, here’s a luxe made-in-France faucet operated by a rose gold ring. The subtle dip of its spout adds to its twee personality. $3525, at Ginger’s


Dot Line by Agape
Move beyond the flat bathroom shelf in favour of something a tad more playful. García Cumini’s shapely accessories system rests a wood-coated aluminum rod on black Corian brackets, with complementary hook and tray attachments providing a place for towels, toothbrush holders and other essentials. The clean geometry of the setup pairs elegantly with the Italian manufacturer’s floating sink and shelving modules. Call for pricing, at Dom Interiors


Storage Tower by CB2
Don’t send guests digging through cabinetry in search of a fresh roll of toilet paper. Stacked on this brass rack, refills are transformed from an eyesore into a stylish sculptural statement piece. $45, at CB2


Staggered Glass Sconce by West Elm
Horoscope time! No matter what your star sign, we see this enchanting, crystal ball-esque wall lamp in your future. Orb-shaped glass shades are positioned at either end of an antique brass metal stem to cast a soft glow as you brush your teeth and contemplate the cosmos. $160, at West Elm

Originally featured in Issue 2, 2017 as Look Book: Rosy Romantic Loo.

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