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Out Now: Our Next Level Living Issue

The city’s best new homes and condos, plus where to get all the modern stuff needed to fill them

Next level spaces by top designers
Mason Studio composes a condo with a sophisticated rustic palette for downtown dwellers
Superkül delivers a zesty block of townhouses that has the city swooning
• A straw-bale house in Hamilton ready to withstand huffing, puffing and all the elements
• Cantilevered volumes add space to a concrete home with a pebble-sized footprint
• Five intriguing condo developments on the boards and breaking ground

Objects of desire, sourced from all over town
• Hole-y spirit: How perforated metal is answering decorating prayers
• Showerhead’s up: You’ll want to pay attention to the latest in bathroom fixtures
• Mighty oaks: Five dapper flooring ideas to warm up your neck of the woods
• Home office goodies galore! Workstations that wow, slick stationery organizers, dynamic desk chairs and table lamps ready to task
• Living-room furniture ideal for Netflix binges, cocktail parties, and pals in need of a crash pad. Plus: A playfully textural den by Reigo & Bauer

• Take a road trip to Hamilton! How eclectic shops and restos are transforming the city from gritty to great getaway destination
• Fun and mind-expanding things to do this summer
• Specialty floral shops filled with trendy terrariums and fiddle leaf fig trees
• Four lunch spots serving up delicious interior-design ideas
• A view of the 6ix by Group of Seven painter Lawren Harris

Find all of this and more in our brand new issue, heading out to newsstands and showrooms across the city on June 27.

Wondering where to pick up a copy? Find a place that stocks DL in your neighbourhood: UptownMidtownKing WestKing EastQueen WestQueen EastWest EndOther Locations.

You can also subscribe to our digital edition through Zinio.

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