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Maria Hupfield: The One Who Keeps On Giving

Note: This listing was written by the event organizer.

Maria Hupfield reveals the way objects can trigger relationships between humans or environments.

For her exhibition The One Who Keeps On Giving, Hupfield developed a video installation centered on an object, an oil painting of a seascape by her late mother. The artist invited her siblings to participate in a performance rooted in memories evoked by the painting that initially took place in Parry Sound, Ontario—the setting depicted on the canvas. Hupfield and her siblings then re-enacted the performance in the gallery space, the setting for the second film.

Alongside this newly commissioned work, the exhibition includes a selection of objects – a canoe, a snowsuit, a snowmobile helmet –replicated in felt, a material which equalizes the objects beyond specificity, underlining the meaning which lies outside material limitations.

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