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Jonathas de Andrade: On Fishes, Horses and Man

Note: This event listing was written by the organizer and submitted online.

Interweaving fact and fiction, Jonathas de Andrade’s works make visible the realities of peripheral societies. A fish is dying in the arms of a man. In ten vignettes,O peixe(The Fish) confronts us with pathos of the fishes’ suffering as they asphyxiate in the fishermen’s morbid embrace. Simultaneously brutal and tender, the relationship between the protagonists is ambiguous. Shot on 16mm film, recalling an ethnographic lens, the film hovers between document and myth. The endless repetition of the scenes transforms the single gesture into ritual.

O quesobrou da 1ª corrida de carroças do centro do Recife (What’s left of the 1st horse and carts race of downtown Recife) revolves around a horse-drawn cart race in the centre of Recife, a city in the northeast of Brazil. Horses are prohibited in the urban centre, but they exist out of sight in the parallel society of the suburbs. To obtain municipal permission to stage the event, de Andrade announced his intention to produce a film. It was only the assertion of a fiction – a “fictitious fiction” – that allowed the everyday reality of the suburbs to seep into the stately boulevards of the city centre.

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