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Summer’s Best New Bike Gear

High-style accessories for two-wheel travellers living in the fast lane

By Eric Mutrie


1 Lock Star
Secure your steed. Neil Barron’s Kickstarter success story wraps easily around bike rings, and weighs in at only 1.1 kilograms. Best of all, the bright band’s Boaflexicore material withstands cable cutters and hacksaws. $140, litelok.com


2 Carol of the Bell
The Australian audio gurus at Knog engineered this ring-shaped acoustical wonder to produce a pleasant yet commanding “ding.” Choose from brass, copper, silver or black finishes, as well as two sizes. $25, at Fix Coffee + Bikes, 80 Gladstone Ave


3 Camo Cargo
Look fresh in the concrete jungle with Yknot’s locally made Neo knapsack. Its magnetic snap enclosure clips shut in a cinch, while a water-resistant front compartment keeps post-ride ice-cream cash dry during surprise showers. $230, at Ynot, 831 Queen St W


4 Headgear Up
Top Swedish neurosurgeons developed the Multi-directional Impact Protection System to better prevent common brain traumas. MIPS tech, used in Giro’s aerodynamic Synthe, cushions skulls from angled impacts during crashes. $350, at Gears, 500 front St E


5 Rad Ride
Shinola’s beautiful Bixby cruiser in teal is perfect for breezy afternoons spent pedalling along the lakeshore. Internally routed gear and brake cabling let the three-speed’s crafted-in-America steel frame shine. $2445, at Shinola, 1000 Queen St W

Originally featured in Issue 2, 2017 as Along for the Ride.

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